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Content Dissemination At Scale

Creating content is the easy part... editing, creative design & dissemination is the hard part. With our new packages we handle all of that for you.

Data Driven Content Recommendations

Stop creating content that you “hope” will resonate.  Our search and SEO experts curate content recommendations for what people are actually watching and searching for.

Graphic Design, Editing & Content Deployment

Content creation is the tip of the iceberg. Video Editing, graphic design, and deploying that content is both time consuming and most likely not your core competency, it’s ours - Win back your time & focus on what counts.

Advanced Tracking Website

Your website is the window to your brand. Our fully integrated, beautifully designed advanced tracking websites ensure your properly dressed for the party. Built to optimize content consumption and Search Engine Optimization.


Everything you need to run your business back end. Complete with all your communication needs - SMS, Email, Auto-Dialer, Virtual Voicemail, Automated Drips, Custom Post Cards and more!

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A Communication Platform

Core communication made easy.

SMS Messaging.

Get immediate feedback with SMS! Text your entire list, create templates, include lead merge fields, and stat organized with out SMS Inbox.

Auto Dialer.

With your personalized phone number, use our single line auto-dialer to optimize your call time and leave pre-recorded voice messages.

Email Marketing.

Handling one off conversational email or let your entire list know that you have a new property for sale with bulk Email campaigns

Direct Mail.

Select from one of our customizable post card templates or create your own. Send 1 or 10K... no limits.

Landing Pages.

Done for you, customizable landing pages ready to deploy. Preset with automated drips, integrated with CloudCMA for market reports and even offer unique directmail landing page links.

Automated Drips.

Let the platform work for you. Create automated email and text drips that send your content and respond when you can't be there!
display your brand where it counts
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Brings to agents a powerful, efficient and accurate new way to target specific households and businesses with digital advertising. We'll work with you to craft your message and creative.

Contact a Klevr Agent About Geo-Fencing Campaigns Today >>

OTT Commercials & Video Pre-Roll

Stream your brand into the homes of your prospective customers on the channels that matter. OTT Commercials are a unique and affordable way to amp up your brand on streaming services like HGTV, The Weather Channel and more. Include Pre-Roll Video with a clickable link to target customers on the web and in-app on all of their devices.

15 & 30 Second OTT and Pre-Roll Video Placements

Graphic Design, Video Editing & Custom Landing Pages

Bring your own list or let us curate one for you

Add intent based search or marry with your next post card campaign

Example of available OTT Channels
Example of KlevrLeads Display Ads

Display Advertising

Stay present on our expansive network of partner websites and all your favorite mobile apps.

5 Ad Placement Sizes Included

Animated HTML5 Ads available!

Great for including on your advanced tracking website

Done For You Creative Design

Our graphics design team will work with you to develop custom creatives for your campaigns. From video editing to display ads and social media posts we have you covered.

Animated & Static Display Ads

Pre-Roll & OTT Video Editing

Social Media & Custom Landing Page Design

KlevrLeads Graphic Design and Video Editing
KlevrLeads Geofencing Address Curation Tool

Audience Building

Upload your own addresses, take advantage of our curation tool or incorporate intent based customers with search campaigns. We can even help you create a custom farm!

Custom Address Uploads

Audience Curation

Custom Farms

Intent Based Search


Need a Virtual Assistant?

Add a Virtual Assistant to your team today... win back your time and focus on what matters most!
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Beta Program

Post Cards

Post carding is a proven & effective way to put your message into the home of your prospective clients. With zero sending limits and some of the best prices you'll find on the web, you now have no reason not to start sending mail today... we'll even help you design your next winning campaign!

Custom Letters Coming Soon!

Customizable Post Cards

Choose from one of our customizable post card templates or have one of our graphic designers create one custom for you

Customizable Front & Back

Custom Post Card Design Services

Build Your Own

KlevrLeads Post Cards
Advanced KlevrLeads Post Card Options

Mail Tracking & Custom Confirmation Codes

Want to know who is checking their mail? Offer on demand CMA's with our CloudCMA integration and merge the power of post cards, SMS and custom landing pages with just a few clicks.

Lead Unique Confirmation Codes

Automated Landing Page

Simple to setup

Add a Geo-Fencing Campaign

Looking to amp up your post card campaign? Targeting your mailing list with display ads, OTT, and/or pre-roll video is an effective strategy to remain omni-present on and offline.

Animated & Static Display Ads

Pre-Roll & OTT Video Editing

Social Media & Custom Landing Page Design

Example of KlevrLeads Display Ads
All the tools you need in ONe Application


Platform at a glance...

SMS, Calling, Auto Dialer & Virtual Voicemail

When you sign up for a paid plan we issue you your very own local phone number that allows for both SMS and Voice calling using the same number. Speed up you prospecting with our auto dialer, automated VM drops and never miss a call with your very own personal virtual voicemail inbox.

Email & SMS Inbox

With KLEVR Inbox, we remove the clutter. See only your leads communications from both Email and SMS messages.

Automated Drip Campaigns

Put your follow-up game on auto-pilot with KLEVR Drips. Create your own custom drip campaign, including SMS and Emails, or choose from one of our proven templates.

Bulk Email & SMS Campaigns

Send bulk messages to your whole list. Have a new property on the market? Send your entire buyers list an email or SMS message with one click.

Landing Page Templates

Need a landing page? Choose from one of our Done-for-you buyer and selling landing page templates.

Direct Mail

Choose from one of our customizable post card templates and send mail to your klevr list directly from within the app.

Lead Enhancement

Enhance lead address captures or partial leads with the data that you need to communicate with them.

Email & SMS Templates

Speed up your workflow with our pre-generated email or SMS templates or create your own.

Create Lead Notes and Lists

Staying organized is important. Create and store notes on your leads or add them to a list for future followup.

Lead Alerts

Get notified when a new lead is generated or when they try to contact you.

Currently In Development...

Mobile App

The KLEVR App will allow for seamless mobile communication across all telephony channels.

Pipeline & Deals Tracking

Organize and keep track of your commissions directly from KLEVRLEADS


Launching very soon, keep track of your events & appointments, create notifications and tasks.

Teams & Leads Routing

Need to manage a team? Here very shortly you will the ability to assign team members & team leaders to your account. You can even assign permissions and dictate how your route your leads.

Events & Appointments

Create events, appointments and tasks, view them on your calendar and get notifications sent to both your desktop or mobile device.

Pixel & Conversion Tracking

For the savvy marketer, conversion tracking is very important. Load tracking pixels on all of your landing pages, integrate Google Analytics and more...

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Virtual Assistants

Our assistants are trained to use our KlevrCRM but they can also help you get things done quickly in the capacity that you need them.

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Inbox Management
Social Media
Website Maintenance
In & Outbound Calling
Event Planning
Expenses & Invoices
Content Marketing

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